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Diamond and CBN Profile Wheels
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Cranden Diamond Products manufacture electroplated and resin bond diamond and CBN tooling. Profile wheels with tolerances of +/-0.005mm are produced for creep feed grinding carbide inserts and tooling for the aircraft and automotive industry.


Creep-feed grinding with Cranden wheels show the following advantages compared with Optical Profile Grinding, Crush Form Wheels or wheels manufactured by our competitors.

Total Reliability: Our production control systems and highly skilled personnel ensure that each wheel can be relied upon to be within tolerance, eliminating time wasting goods-in inspection.

Repeatability: Each wheel will produce an identical form throughout the entire life of the wheel if used under correct conditions.

Faster Production: Grinding times of 20/30 seconds for typical form on a carbide insert. Reduced set-up times: Simply clock the wheel and then run it. No time consuming crushing - No crusher blocks.