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Diamond and CBN Profile Wheels
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APPLICATIONS Carbide threading inserts for Standard and Petroleum Industry thread forms. Circular form tools for Aircraft and Automotive Industries.

MATERIALS Diamond wheels for Carbide, Ceramics and Cermets. Also Glass, Stone, Carbon, Reinforced Plastics and Nimonics. CBN Wheels for HSS, Tool Steels, Stellites etc.

TOLERANCES Very accurate wheel dimensions +0.003mm, angles +3'. Less accurate wheels available for less exacting tasks. Conditions of machine tool and especially spindle affect profile geometry.

WHEEL LIFE Between 3 and 5 meters for a Diamond Wheel Grinding Carbide. Life is influenced by a number of factors including:

  • Coolant type, volume and treatment (see below).
  • Machine tool conditions.
  • Minimum radii.
  • Materials being ground.
  • Machine operator.

CBN Wheels grinding HSS can achieve in excess of 100 metres.

FEED RATES Very accurate wheel grinding carbide cut at between 15 to 25mm per minute at full depth of form. Less accurate wheels will cut more quickly. Rate of cut is affected by the following:

  • Conditions and age of wheel.
  • Grit size - determined often by surface finish or minimum radii.
  • Coolant supply.
  • Condition and type of machine tool.
  • Wheel diameter.
  • Width of component.
  • Depth of cut.

SETTING UP Cranden wheels should be clocked on the machine using the groove or flange supplied. All Cranden wheels are manufactured with minimum run-out within the wheel. Typically a standard wheel will run-out less than 0.003mm laterally and 0.002mm radially.

MULTIPLE PROFILES Wheels can be produced with more than one form when producing large volumes. Multiple forms can be the same or different as long as they are compatible. Forms can be sited with a toleranced pitch for grinding two forms simultaneously or for ease of indexing. The maximum number of forms is determined by profile and wheel size.