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Diamond and CBN Profile Wheels
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WHEEL SIZE Maximum wheel diameter for accurate wheels is 200mm. Maximum diameter for less accurate wheels is 600mm. Maximum wheel width around 250mm.

EQUIPMENT For best results a purpose built creep-feed grinding machine must be used incorporating a Mechanical Table Drive unit and infinitely variable table speed control. Hydraulic systems should be avoided.

COOLANT Coolant supply of 100 litres per minute is essential. Coolant jets should be positioned with the direction of cut, opposed to the direction of cut and at 180 deg to the point of cut. Best results can only be achieved when having these three supply points. Coolant must be perfectly clean and free from any grinding waste. Centrifuge systems or Diatamaceous Earth Tower systems are suitable, preferably with a final clean through a paper filter. Coolant type directly affects wheel performance. For carbide grinding we recommend the following:


SURFACE FINISH Accurate wheels will achieve 0.3/0.6mm (16CLA) with standard grits. After bedding-in the finish will improve.

CLEARANCE ANGLES We have a number of experienced tooling engineers within our Engineering Department. Using software specially developed as well as commercially available programmes, they are able to re-calculate for Front and Side clearance, Top Rake, Helix Angles and Tilt, or a combination of these. This ensures that after grinding profile geometry is correct when the tool is presented to the workpiece. We can advise on fixturing to achieve any of the above.


Female:- Standard Wheels 0.1mm. Specials 0.07mm. Male:- Standard Wheels 0.02mm.

Vertical faces will produce a rubbing action and reduce wheel life. Where possible the form should be tilted to avoid this.

CYLINDRICAL GRINDING Cranden wheels can be used to produce Circular Form Tools. A 50mm tool will take around 14 minutes to grind from solid. The wheel must grind at full depth of cut.

PROFILE DISTORTION If used correctly the wheel form will not deteriorate throughout the life of the wheel. Causes of distortion are: Pendulum Grinding, Inadequate or dirty coolant, Poorly considered Roughing or Presintering.

LEAD TIMES The entire manufacturing process is carried out in-house. We can manufacture a completely new wheel within 3/4 days where necessary. Standard deliveries are 2/3 weeks. Repeat wheels or replates take 10/14 days.